The Intellect eFreight system provides an advanced web-based and integrated world-class solution that can fully automate Forwarder/NVOCC operations. Developed on a single platform design, Intellect eFreight effectively manages all of the operational procedures from quotation to booking to document distribution, and eliminates the inefficiencies of entering data multiple times.

Intellect eFreight provides a highly effective Internet Customer Portal, accessed directly from your company website that allows your customers and remote users to track the status and details of shipments without requiring personal attention from your support staff. The Customer Portal also allows direct on-line customer date input to request shipment quotations and bookings.

Intellect eFreight offers an industry leading user interface, acclaimed for functionality, flexibility, and the ability to be tailored for the total company or for each branch location. In fact, Intellect eFreight is so flexible, it can be tailored specifically for each individual operator. When establishing global standard workflows, the ability to tailor at the branch level to accommodate unique local requirements results in greater acceptance across your operations network, increased efficiencies, and increased customer satisfaction.

Intellect eFreight is logically organized into key operational segments to ease the overall processes management. They include:

  • > Global Integrated Service Network
  • > Customer Relationship Management
  • > Ocean Freight Shipment Management
  • > Air Freight Shipment Management
  • > Business Support and Administration
  • > Standard Integration to Customs and Carriers


  • > Increased Accuracy
  • > Increased Productivity
  • > Reduced Operating Costs
  • > Increased Shipment Visibility
  • > Improved Customer Satisfaction
Intellect eShip

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